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JML Mega Ginkgo Guarana | 30+4 Tablets

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JML Mega Ginkgo Guarana | 30+4 Tablets. JML MegaGinkgoGua­ranaExtrakt+ nutrition supplement is the standardized extract of Ginkgo with the next accurate content of active substances – 24% of flavone glycoside (matters responsible for antioxidant and anticoagulant effects) and 6% terpenoid lactones (ginkgolides and biobalides that control blood supply) and, therefore, can secure blood vessels and nerves.

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JML Mega Ginkgo Guarana | 30+4 Tablets

The next element is the standardized extract for Guarana, which is the natural vitalizer used for improving concentration, stimulating physical energy and stamina. Magnesium and B6 vitamin help to decrease muscle tension and neural irritation and are appropriate also for correct functioning of muscles, heart and whole circulatory system. This nutrition supplement is specially developed so all positive characteristics of separate elements are mutually complementary. As a result, maximum effect, compare to separate usage of single substances, is achieved.


JML MegaGinkgoGua­ranaExtrakt+ can be beneficial for cure of impairment of blood supply to the brain and other internal organs, including limbs, for memory disorders, for concentration of physical and metanl strain, stress, and for cure of tinnitus.


JML MegaGinkgoGua­ranaExtrakt+ is appropriate for long-term usage for good emotional and brain condition and overall vitality. Due to extra powerful concentration of extract, use 1 pill per day at the most.


Other Substances:
Cellulose, sodium carboxymethyl of cellulose, magnesium stearate and stearic acid, hydroxypropyl-methylcellulose


Does not contain sugar, genetically modified materials, BSE or preserving agents.


As the nutrition supplement, 1 pill per day, preferably at the morning with food. Do not exceed recommended usage


The product is not designed for children under 3 years and not like replacement of varied nourishment. Do not exceed recommended dosage! Keep in dry place with temperature up to 20 C, do not store it under direct sun. Keep out of the reach of children.


Use in 3 months after opening. The manufacturer is not responsible for harm caused by incorrect usage and storage. The date of minimum durability – on the package.