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JML SoyMax Lecitin 1350 mg | 100+4 Tablets

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JML SoyMax Lecitin 1350 mg | 100+4 Tablets. Gelatin capsules containing natural lecithin derived from soybeans via cold extraction. Lecithin is a natural compound, which is a part of phospholipids family of fats. Phospholipids are a part of the cell wall. It is different from other lipids because it contains choline and inositol, which are also found in B-complex vitamins.

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JML SoyMax Lecitin 1350 mg | 100+4 Tablets

JML Soy Lecithin 1350 mg is a food supplement containing lecithin. This product has a wide application in nutrition as well as in cure of variety of diseases. It is made naturally from soybean oil, which is considered the best source of natural lecithin. The main ingredient in this formulation is lecithin as well as choline and inositol.


Lecithin acts mainly in the metabolism of lipids in blood plasma by increasing the lipid solubility. This normalizes the level of lipids in the blood including cholesterol and lowers its storage in the veins and liver. Thus it prevents the formation of arteosclerosis in veins, brain and lower extremities. In the liver, it prevents the storage of the fats in liver cells and thus increases the liver's ability to detoxify itself. As it is one of the compounds contained in the bile, it prevents the formations of bile stones, increases digestion, decreases bloating and softens stool.


Choline is the key part of acetylcholine, a compound, which is necessary for the proper function of the nervous system and muscles. Its absence in the brain is linked with Alzheimer's di­sease. A proper amount of choline increases memory, attention and concentration. It also improves sleep, decreases agitation and moodiness, and increases resistance to stress.


Inositol belongs, together with choline, to a category of fat-burners. It increases fat burning and its excreation from the liver and fatty tissues. This helps in weight loss. It also has a positive influence on quality of hair by slowing down its loss, reduces eczemas and is soothing on skin.


Administration of JML Soy Lecithin 1350 mg daily results in:

increase of fat loss, including cholesterol and prevents their storage in the veins and liver
it maintains brain function, especially memory and is soothing
increases liver regeneration, especially after liver infections, cirrhosis, or after increased consumption of alcohol, coffee and hormone therapy
increases digestion, decreases bloating and softens stool
maintains healthy hair, increases its quality and prevents its loss
prevents eczemas and premature aging of the skin

1–3 tablets daily.