JML Fitness Line

Welcome on the Website of the company JML Fitness Line

We produce and sell quality vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements

We specialize in production and distribution of vitamins, minerals and food supplements. We do our best to provide you with high-quality, highly efficient products at acceptable prices.

Clean and fresh natural resources

All the components of our products are completely utilisable by your body as all of them come from pharmaceutically pure and fresh natural sources with compositions complying with latest scientific research. That’s why also they also result in maximum effect.

We manufacture up-to-date technological equipment

We produce our vitamin compositions on up-to-date machinery in laboratory conditions, under strict quality control. Our products are packed in white plastic wrapping to provide maximum protection against air, light and humidity and to maintain originality and permanent quality of the content.

Healthy lifestyle

Vitamin supplements belong to the basis of the healthy life style together with balanced nutrition and physical activity, because they contribute to your improved physical condition and health. Thus, our products are the correct measure helping you to remain fit.

Foundation and sponsoring activities

We direct our activities also to the aria of supporting various charitable and sports activities in the form of sponsoring or partnership presents. The blood donation project “Half a litre of hope” or the purchase of presents for children from children’s homes “Christmas Tree of Fulfilled Wishes” can serve as an example of activities, in which we regularly take part.


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