Zakaz Vyr

Packing of our products

We provide vitamins, minerals and food supplements usually in three packing variants differing in the tablet amount (see Products) in order to satisfy differing needs of all customers. Thus, you pay only for the amount you really need.

Complete job-order manufacturing service

Owning new production and storage facilities incl. the necessary machinery, we are able to offer service in the area of contractual production, packing, labelling, storage and transportation of tablets/finished products according to specific customer requirements.

This concerns mainly the following areas:

  • Packing of specified amounts of tablets or capsules (amount)
  • Supply of plastic bottles – empty or filled by products supplied by you
  • Design/print of private labels
  • Calculation and production of a specific product

Summary of services

Thus, we are able to produce, pack, provide marketing and logistic services according to the customer’s specific wishes in compliance with regulations of the State Health Institute. Please contact us if you need detailed information (contact).