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JML 2x Joint + 1x Kardio Free

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JML 2x Joint + 1x Kardio Free. Complex multicompound indicated as a health supplement for the prevention and cure of joint disease in one daily dose (2 tablets). Many changes take place during aging, namely the loss of water in the cells. This symptom is noticeable on the skin in a form of wrinkles. Without noticing these symptoms, they affect other cells mainly in joints and surrounding cartilage. Since cartilage makes up the majority of the joint, its deterioration (old age, excessive weight, injury) is the main reason for joint problems. In combination with osteoporosis and metabolic disease, the decrease of bone mass afflicts mainly older women and this is manifested in decreased movement of the joints. Many new compounds have been developed for the prevention of bone or cartilage loss during a human life span. Based on these developments, JML Joint 3000+ has been developed as a part of new generation supplements which protect the joints and cartilage. This formulation consists of special mix of highly potent natural ingredients MSN 100 mg, glucosamine sulfate 1500 mg, and chondroitin sulfate 500 mg, which are clinically safe. This mix is also enhanced with borage oil.

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JML 2x Joint + 1x Kardio Free

MSM (methylsulfonyl­methane) – is necessary for the formation of collagen, creation and regeneration of bone. With age, its levels in human body decrease. It relieves inflammation in the body and pain in the joints, tendons, muscles, and also acts as an anti-allergic agent. As a strong antioxidant, it prevents the formation of free radicals.


Glucosamine sulfate stimulates the cartilage cells to form complex proteins and carbohydrates, which bind water in the cartilage. It also decreases the progression of arthritis of load-bearing joints and prevents hormones and antianalgesics from diminishing the cartilage.


Chondroitin sulfate – is the most widely used material to relieve painful joints. It is a compound that is a natural part of bone cartillage and accounts for its sturdyness and elasticity. It also demostrates anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities in joints.


Borage oil is the source of gama-linoleic acid, which is known for its anti-inflammatory quality. It reduces joint pains and inflammation.


Length of use:

Prevention: 1–2 tablets daily for 2 months, stop taking the supplement, then repeat 2 – 3× per year.
Osteoarthritis: 2 tablets daily, best taken in the morning and night for 2–3 months, then stop taking the supplement, and repeat 2 – 3× per year.
Contraindicati­ons: sensitivity to any of the listed ingredients, pregnancy, children up to 3 years of age, care must be taken in women that breast feed.


Administration of JML Joint 3000+ is appropriate in the following conditions:

increased use of joints (heavy work, sport)
supplement of classic therapy for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis
speeding up of joint healing
prevention of osteoporosis (softening of bones) in combination with calcium and phosphorus
prevention of osteoarthritis, during muscle fatigue and decreased movement of the joints

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