JML Betamax Karoten 25000 | 90+30 Tablets

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JML Betamax Karoten 25000 | 90+30 Tablets. JML BetaMax Karoten is nutrition supplement with maximum content of 15 mg beta-carotene in one pill. Beta-carotene is used as a provitamin in human body (vitamin A is produced from it), positively influences of eyesight. It belongs to the group of carotene anti-oxidants that protect cells from early aging and oxidant stress. It softens the consequences of UV radiation, secures skin against sun radiance and helps to keep skin healthy and elastic. It supports protective body mechanisms.

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JML Betamax Karoten 25000 | 90+30 Tablets

JML BetaMaxKaroten is produced with the use of up-to-date technologies in the shape of mild gelatinous pills. For saving quality and effectiveness, JML BetaMaxKaroten is packed into white plastic jars that protect the product from air, humidity and light.


Due to sufficient content of active substances, 1 pill per day is enough for achieving necessary effect.


1 pill per day, preferably in the morning with food


Soy oil 334 mg, bee wax (filler) 16 mg, beta-carotene 15 mg in 1 pill


Pill covering:
Gelatin, glycerol, refined water, ferric oxide (coloring agent)


Package Weight:
62,4 mg


The product is not designed for children under 3 years and not like replacement of varied nourishment.