JML MultiMax Power Energy T.R. (timed release) | 60+5 Tablets

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JML MultiMax Pover Energy | 60+5 Tablets. A new product – a gradually releasing complex extended to 44 components of vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, antioxidants, including coenzyme Q10, Echinacea, ginseng, and newly enriched by herbal extracts (Acerola activin), flavonoids, adaptogen (Schisandra), and carotenoids (Lycopene and lutein).

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JML MultiMax Pover Energy | 60+5 Tablets

Nowadays heavy continuing workload, which is connected to excessive stress, fatigue, the lack of motion activity and environmental pollution is very often combined with the wrong way of living, and thus, it puts constantly higher demands on the immunity of human organism. The effort to help our body in this formidable battle, providing adequate quantity of vitamins and minerals, becomes a routine part of our daily life.


JML brings a newly improved form of complex multivitamin preparation, which is distinguished by the system of so-called gradual releasing. Our body is capable to use vitamins and minerals, which get to our organism during a short period of time, only in limited quantity. If after taking a dose of a regular pill the absorbed quantity of vitamins is too high, kidneys reduce their amount by releasing them back from the organism. Our preparation suppresses the negative phenomenon mentioned above and the absorption of active substances is distributed proportionally during the day.


New JML MultiMax POWER energy is the preparation containing 44 components from the group of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and herbal extracts. The product guarantees natural quality and clearness of all the vitamins. Minerals and micronutrients are combined in the best possible balance and form, so that they could be optimally accepted and used by our organism. The following supplemental substances were used in order to intensify the effect: coenzyme Q-10, extract from Echinacea purpurea, ginseng root, and also some new herbal extracts, flavonoids, adaptogen, activin, lycopene and lutein.


JML MultiMax POWER energy contains:


Vitamins – the whole range of well-known water and oil soluble vitamins is introduced, including beta-Carotene and increased dosage of vitamin group B. Those vitamins are very important at dynamic physical and mental workload, and they also convert fat, carbohydrates and proteins into energy. In addition, the range of vitamins includes the substances of inositol and choline, which not only beneficially influence on our nervous system but also have a very significant lipotropic effect (breaking down fat), which can be used for reduction of body weight and the level of cholesterol.


Minerals – all basic minerals and micronutrients such as selenium, zinc, manganese, iodine and chrome are included…** **Antioxidants – are the substances capable of eliminating and neutralizing free radicals in the cells, which are responsible for damaging body tissues, including the plausibility of tumor formation and its growth, blood-vessel disorders and general aging problems. These antioxidants include: vitamin C and E, beta-Carotene, acerola, activin, L-glutathione, L-cystine, selenium, zinc, coenzyme Q-10, lycopene, lutein and adaptogens Schisandra and ginseng.


Activin (grape seed extract) – belongs to the group of natural substances of flavonoids including OPC complex – which are also called pycnogenols. Activin and its antioxidant abilities are even more effective than vitamin C and E, and it can protect heart and lower cancer risk. Activin helps to protect eyesight, it can strengthen blood vessels and thus it lowers the risk of cardiovascular and brain failures. It also helps to strengthen and to keep collagen in skin.


Adaptogens – are ranged among the substances of herbal origin, they strengthen stamina of the human organism against negative influences of stress factors, such as tiredness, long term exertion or fatigue. Adaptogens accelerate healing and regeneration, and decelerate aging and degenerative processes. They influence substance transformation and don’t posses any side effects. They uniquely help to keep the best possible balance of the organism at:


stress situations and exertion – they calm down organism
fatigue and tiredness – they stimulate tired organism
Ginseng and Schisandra (Schisandra chinensis) belong to the group of the traditional adaptogens.


Ginseng - is well-known for its general strengthening effects, anti-inflammatory and immunostimulant treatment, it slows down aging and decreases stress and tiredness effects. And more over it is a very popular remedy for generating energy and supporting potency.


Schisandra (Schisandra chinensis) – belongs to the traditional adaptogens of Japanese, Chinese and Russian medicine. Extract of Schisandra is gained from the berry of Schisandra chinensis, which has, above those mentioned, the following qualities:


Antioxidant effects – it helps to protect the cells from damaging and slows down the cells aging processes.
Hepatoprotective effects – it helps to protect liver from toxic influences
Coenzyme Q-10 – is a necessary element for generating energy in every cell of our body. Sufficient intake of this substance is helpful at cardiovascular diseases, at diabetes, allergic diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome; it also helps to regenerate tissues and to slow down the effects of ageing.


Echinacea angustifolia – is an herb, which has been used for many ages by the Native Americans. It improves the immune system functioning, normalizes immune response, and so that, it mutually restricts the predisposition for common cold diseases and influenza, it shortens their process and accelerates the recovery of organism.


Lycopene and lutein – belong to natural carotenoid pigments with mutual antioxidant abilities. They can lower the risk of certain types of cancer, including: prostate cancer, lung cancer and alimentary canal cancer. Furthermore, they are able to prevent cardiovascular diseases and in general they help to boost immune system. Lutein plays a vital role in the proper functioning of macula lutea – which is a spot in the retina of the human eye. It also helps to absorb harmful ultraviolet beams in the eye retina and to neutralize free radicals, so that it also helps to lower the risk of degenerative disorders of eyesight.


Malpighia emarginata and citrus bioflavonoids – are different herbal substances, with antioxidant effects, which also can be defined as a vitamin P. Such substances as hesperidin, hesperin, rutin, quercetin, quercertrin and eriodictyol also belong to this group. Vitamin C and the above mentioned substances are highly concentrated in citruses and malpighia emarginata (tropical cherry). They boost our organism and strengthen heart and blood vessels, so that they also prevent blood extravasation. They help to absorb vitamin C and protect it from possible oxidation, and also protect the immune system from viral and bacterial infections, stop gum bleeding, and reduce swelling.