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JML SlimmerFit C.L.A.+ | 90+10 Tablets

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JML SlimmerFit C.L.A.+ | 90+10 Tablets. JML SlimmerFit is the special combination of active substances appropriate for exercising as supplements to diets for developing musculature, keeping or decreasing body weight and sustaining muscle mass without JO-JO effect.

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JML SlimmerFit C.L.A.+ | 90+10 Tablets

CLA – Conjugated linoleic acid is the oily acid that body cannot produce by itself; it is usually found in beef and dairy products. CLA helps for weight loss by burning fat while also contributing to keep muscles’ mass on the same level. It gives a feeling of satiety, limits jo-jo effect in the weight loss.


Green tea burns fat, contributes to increasing energy level and to maintaining normal body weight index. Due to antioxidant effects, it helps to protect cells from free radicals that can cause cells damage and its early aging. Also green tea positively influences on sugar content in blood and overall blood circulation.


L-Carotene participates in the transfer of oily acids to muscle cells where it is consequently used as a source of energy. It helps for the most effective cell energy metabolism, positively influences on decreasing or maintaining body weight.


JML Slimmerfit is produced with the use of up-to-date technologies in the shape of mild gelatinous pills. For saving quality and effectiveness, JML SlimmerFir is packed into white plastic jars that protect the product from air, humidity and light.


1–2 pills per day, preferably with food. Appropriate for exercising as supplements to diets for developing musculature, keeping or decreasing body weight


Conjugated linoleic acid CLA 900 mg, extract of green tea 100 mg, soy oil 100 mg, L-carotene 50 mg, bee wax (filler) in 1 pill


Pill Covering:
Gelatin, glycerol, refined water, ferric oxide (coloring agent)


Package Weight:
160 mg


The product is not designed for children under 3 years and not like replacement of varied nourishment. Do not exceed recommended dosage! Keep in dry place with temperature from 15 to 25 C, do not store it under direct sun. Keep out of the reach of children.


Use in 3 months after opening. The manufacturer is not responsible for harm caused by incorrect usage and storage.


The date of minimum durability – on the package.