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JML Vitamin C-1000 mg T.R. (timed release) | 90+30 Tablets

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JML Vitamin C-1000 mg | 90+30 Tablets. Vitamin C (all natural) containg 30 mg wild rose slow-releasing formulation. Vitamin C is one of the most well-known and important water-soluble vitamins. Our body cannot produce this vitamin nor can it store it. Thus, this vitamin can only be absorbed in a certain amount of time and the rest is then excreted by the body.

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JML Vitamin C-1000 mg | 90+30 Tablets

JML Vitamin C-500 mg and C-1000 mg eliminates the excessive excretion of the vitamin by creating a slow release formulation. These tablets ensure a constant intake of vitamin C into the organism during the day without excessive excretion, thus maximizing its dose. This vitamin is made of the purest sources found in nature and is of the highest quality. These tablets also contain wild rose powder in the amount of 30 mg, which increases the affects of vitamin C.


Vitamin C is the main material from the antioxidant group, which neutralizes free radicals in cells. Free radicals cause increased risk of malignancy, vein disease and faster aging. Vitamin C is involved in many metabolic functions such as formation of collagen and proteins and the synthesis of hormones. It is also necessary for the binding of iron in the body. Continuous use of vitamin C increases immunity, reduces infections, increases regeneration of tissues and also increases physical strength. It also acts as a stabilizer of collagen and in this capacity increases the function of joints, tendons, muscles and elasticity of skin.


Increase in vitamin C should be done when:

colds, infections, injuries
increased physical and mental state, stress
smoking and excessive use of alcohol

C-500 mg – 1 tablet daily, C-1000 mg – 1 tablet every 2 days